Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Christmas Tree of Sisters

I set up this tree in the kitchen with every intention of decorating it with all things kitchen-y - cookie cutters, mini whisks, aprons, kitchen angels, mini baking and Bundt pans, and rolling pins.

As I was sorting through my Christmas decorations I came across a small box...

As soon as I saw the box I forgot about the mini kitchen tins, aprons, and rolling pins and immersed myself in the sentiments of the contents of the little box.

The scribble, GLU Ornaments 2008, may not mean much to you but it means so much to me.

You see, several years ago I met the most wonderful group of women through a message board and over the years we have formed friendships and a sisterhood. We gather through a private message board where we share our recipes, crafts, lives, and our hearts.

We have even gathered, across the miles, in each others homes.

In this little box are my sisters who were by my side when I decided to leave the comfort of my family and the town I had lived in for 20+ years to start a dream life, alone, in a tiny country town states away. In this box are the same sisters who shared in my crazy adventures. The beautiful women who prayed with me when my dad was diagnosed with cancer, who left silly birthday wishes on my nephew's answering machine while he was at school, and sent encouraging emails and get well cards to the children's hospital where my niece lived for weeks after fracturing her arm.

I am so blessed to know these wonderful women.

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Tammy said...

Darn, girl, how'd I miss this blog???? Love you muchly!

You have blessed my life in soooo many ways, as have our other GLU sistas.

And I will always consider you my cousin! ;o)