Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dumplings in a pinch

I am a from scratch kind of girl. I am not much on short cuts, box mixes, or instant anything and anyone who knows me would gasp in disbelief at the little secret I am about to share with you.

I love dumplings. I love my dumplings big, fat, and noodle-y. I don't like the kind that has been undercooked and bread-y on the inside. I love my dumplings from scratch.When the idea of using whomp biscuits (canned biscuits) as dumplings was brought to my attention, I turned up my nose in disgust and exclaimed, "As if!"

Now I've been humbled. I gave the whomp biscuit dumplings a try, because as brutal fate would have it my kitchen lacked the eggs and milk I needed to make them from scratch, and I must say that they were pretty good.

Here's what you do:

Open a can of whomp biscuits.
Tear, cut, or pinch into pieces.
Drop into salted boiling water.
At this point you have to watch the dumplings carefully.
The dumplings will puff as they boil then shrink - if you like your dumplings noodle-y all the way through drain them as soon as they shrink. However, if you like them bread-y on the inside drain them shortly after they puff.
DO NOT over boil as they will turn to mush.

Since trying this for the first time I have bought several different types and flavors of biscuits - the ones I find that work and taste the best are Pillsbury Buttermilk or Country Style biscuits.

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~Kristen~ said...

Finally! I now know what you mean when you say "whomp biscuits!!!" Cuz, ya know, us Northerners and you Southerners speak a whole different language from one another!!!!!! lolololol xoxox

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